Move Manangement

Move Coordination
Our team is trained to handle all aspects of your move from start to finish with minimal interruption to your business. We work closely with you to determine requirements and to streamline move sequences to ensure that the process flows smoothly from start to finish. We work closely with your employees to help ease the stress of moving and to facilitate an organized move. Our move specialists oversee the physical move of your furniture, specialized equipment and personal assets in tandem with the shutdown and reconnection of IT and communications services. Whether your move is large or small we are focused on the need to ensure a smooth transition.

We provide the expertise and resources to manage the disposal, liquidation or possible sale of unwanted or obsolete furniture and equipment. This includes managing the invoices and payables to the relevant parties.

Moving Services
Our clients receive customized move plans designed to meet the unique nature of their relocation. We engage expert staff to carry out your packing and unpacking together with trucking if necessary. We handle complex needs such as libraries, frames and file rooms and we can also provide a variety of storage boxes.

Furniture and Marketing
We have the expertise and resources to investigate pricing for new furniture or to market existing furniture. This may include working with departmental stakeholders and other outside clients.

Furniture Installation
Our team provides professional build/teardown services for modular office furniture. Our crews are certified installers who dismantle and/or reassemble all types of systems furniture. In addition, we offer design and layout expertise.

IT Services
We prepare office technology and equipment for relocation, disconnection and inventory including the proper preparation of desktop PCs. Also included is the reconnection, configuration and boot-up of all equipment at the new location ensuring everything is in proper working order.

Safety and Security
To ensure your company's safety and security, we perform background checks and drug testing on all Move Coordinators.

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